Library & Learning


This website functions as a convenient entry-point to see and use a pool of CA-related resources and functions contributed, maintained, validated and shared by members of the global community of CA stake-holders.

All these collated resources are stored in the EcoPort database that serves as the engine for this virtual CA database and website.

EcoPort's focus is on whole earth ecology, a universe of information and knowledge that is much broader than that which is required to implement CA. For example, the EcoPort database contains >110,000 pictures of which about 1.5% are directly relevant to CA (and used in this virtual CA database); and EcoPort's Glossary sub-database contains about 65,000 terms and definitions. In this and other ways, EcoPort may therefore be viewed and used as a broad, holistic ecology library of resources that can be used and/or imported into this virtual CA database and its web pages. Thus, you can use EcoPort to find ecology information when you need it.

Three other satellites to the EcoPort constellation of web services in support of CA, are provided by:

Photo by: S. Vaneph
Conservation Agriculture applied to maize (on the right) and cassava (on the left). State of Paranà, Brazil.