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It is a truism that ...a picture is worth a thousand words...; a statement that can be confirmed by looking at an example album of pictures of say cotton.


You can use our picture search procedure to find illustrations on CA. You are invited to contribute your pictures, diagrams and maps to our communal CA picture library; thereby to create a pool of illustrations that could be used by other authors who 'write CA ecology' in this virtual CA database and its website hub.


You can also search for all pictures that contain say the word 'nematode' in the caption written by the original contributor, in which case you will find this album of pictures.


Sending EcoCards


Any picture can also be used to send an EcoCard. Here's how:


The picture search procedure will open the picture you found in a new tab or window depending on your browser software. This will enable you to toggle between this web page and the picture display web page so that you read and follow these instructions.


In the picture display web page, in the top left corner, you will see a prominent message EcoCard This Picture If you activate this link, you will be taken to a form where you can compose and send your EcoCard.


Bear the following in mind:

  • When you make the transition to EcoCard writing, you are switching into the EcoPort website and the web pages you see 'there' will contain features and functions that would open a parallel thread of surfing as if you are 'only' in EcoPort. You can, however, simply close such EcoPort windows/tabs when they have served their purpose; in this case when you are informed that your EcoCard has been sent successfully.
  • As per standard EcoPort format, this EcoCard composing web page contains Help and Information that will guide you further.
  • Although its recorded in the Help section, be advised that you cannot send EcoCards to more than 10 recipients.
  • If you want to send an EcoCard to the FAO CA-CoP-List moderator (Amir Kassam), copy and paste this e-mail address: CA-CoP-L@mailserv.fao.org into the space provided on the EcoCard composing form for the recipient's e-mail address.


The other functional features of the Picture Database are summarized here.

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Photo(s) by: T.F. Shaxson
Comparison of soil porosity influenced by raindrop impact. Tierra Blanca, Costa Rica.


Photo by: J. Benites
Woman tilling with a hoe.


Photo(s) by: T.F. Shaxson
Animal traction for contour-ploughing.