Slide Shows


When authors share their pictures and illustrations in a communal database, they can be used to construct EcoPort slide shows that work like Power Point presentations, except that they:

  • are much 'lighter' on the Internet;
  • use standard web page, HTML technology that enables anybody with an Internet browser to view the Slide Shows;
  • usually require far less hard disk storage than do conventional Power point presentations; and,
  • they can be 'interwoven' using EcoPort's HyperText language; that is, one slide show sequence my make a hyperlink to any slide in any other slide show by any other author active in this CA knowledge hub.

You can use the search form to find slide shows, but here are some examples that illustrate how they work:



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Photo(s) by: T.F. Shaxson
The use of animal traction for harrowing with a straight tined harrow, combined with the simultaneous application of herbicide to strip-tilled land prepared with a micro-tractor and moldboard plough. Santa Catarina, Brazil.