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Here you can find information about species and other entities that are the key 'actors' in ecology and agro-ecology as it is managed through the practice of Conservation Agriculture. Species as crops; organisms that create the life of soils and as the key actors in ecosystems services.


This section gives you access to information about any aspect of species behaviour, the interactions among species as well as information about their general roles in habitats and production systems.


You can read more about this section of the website or you can enter a scientific or common name (in any language) to find the species and entities that interact to constitute the food webs managed by CA farmers.


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Photo by: J. Berger
Gossypium hirsutum. The flower corolla.

Photo(s) by: D. Lange
Cotton in Conservation Agriculture hand planted by a smallholder farmer in Caaguazú, East-Paraguay. The stubble into which the cotton was sown is being identified.