An author is a person who is registered as such in EcoPort. Registration entails obtaining a username and password that enables the registrant to add information and assemble knowledge in the EcoPort database.

Authoring privileges are allocated for specific types and units of information (records) in EcoPort. This allocation results from a dialogue between the author and the EcoPort administrators.

Once a record is 'adopted' and 'assigned' to one author, no other author can change or edit that item.

Authoring is supervised; see other items on this page.

All changes made by an author are archived and every change is also distributed in e-mail format to subscribers of EcoPort's 'Notification' system and service.

Because information in EcoPort is interwoven into a web, and because we are a community of users who rely on each other's information, EcoPort policy precludes removal of most kinds of information from EcoPort once it has been integrated within EcoPort.

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