Eric Kueneman, FAO

Eric Kueneman has been serving since 2001 as Chief of FAO's Crop and Grassland Service, dealing with all aspects of crop production, plant breeding and biotechnology globally. Before that, he has covered the position of Senior Technical Advisor to the Director of the Agriculture Department of FAO, and Secretary of the Intergovernmental Committee on Agriculture (COAG). He was also Senior Officer/Leader for the Field Food Crops Group (FFCG) at FAO. Before joining FAO he was a legume breeder with the CGIAR in Africa and Latin America; he also worked as a plant breeder for a private company based in the USA. Throughout his career he has placed special emphasis on the identification of major constraints and opportunities at the crop and production-system levels, and on creating a forum for international experts to elaborate coherent strategies to address the key constraints and opportunities with the view to ensure enhanced but sustainable production systems. He has travelled extensively in Africa, Asia, and Latin America and has close working relationships with national programs, International Agricultural Research Centers and diverse development partners.