What prominent CA Practitioners are saying about this website:


Eric Kueneman, FAO:


Anybody who knows anything about Conservation Agriculture will know how many kinds of information and knowledge management tools are required to engage with the subject in a holistic manner. Yet, most CA websites are one-way 'broadcasters' of only a few kinds of CA information for you to read passively. If, instead, you are looking for a communal knowledge processor that will enable you to do things with your and other people's information - if you are looking for a comprehensive CA knowledge filing and sharing system, then you have come to the right place because the profound beauty and power of this CA.EcoPort system and service is its 'invisible hand' that ensures that all of us can know what any one of us knows.



Rolf Derpsch:

See Rolf's website.


Farmers who invent and practice CA are applied ecologists. They are constantly doing research to find and apply solutions that will enable them to intensify the production of their farms in a profitable and sustainable way. The effectiveness of the theories they apply and the way they work their natural capital are measured by practical outcomes and in financial terms, in the bottom lines of critical family budgets. If their practice is not right - both in the short- and long-term, they will perish, whereas their academic counterparts only have to publish not to perish.


These frontline ecologists and those who do research to understand complex, on-farm ecosystems and processes, as well as the intermediate outsiders who work as advisors to farmer ecologists - not to mention the real CA ecologists themselves, can all benefit from having a system and service such as CA.EcoPort.



Dirk Lange, UFH:


I've been using EcoPort for nine years now. It provides information that helps me make practical decisions such as which Green Manure Cover crop (GMCC) to use in which rotation. It also enables me to write documents that have many dimensions of added value beyond common 2-dimensional WORD documents and static web pages. As this eArticle illustrates, I am now master of my own fate, i.e. I am a webmaster who can, dynamically in real-time, write my own web pages without having to rely on an intermediate html expert. I can publish my pictures and write mini web page captions for them as in this picture.


Now, in the true sense of the word, I am personally empowered to use and control the www as an authoring medium instead of being relegated to using it like a well from which I can only withdraw information. I know of no other information management tool that can enable and empower me in this way. One thing is certain: EcoPort allows me, and enhances my capacity to get on with my real passion: Conservation Agriculture field work!



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