Species information is obviously only a tiny component of the kind of information required to represent CA knowledge. This is true of any and all ecological descriptions and representations of interactions and associations. Therefore, EcoPort has decided on the convention of using the term 'entity' to refer to and include any 'actor' or 'factor' that interact with each other, or are associated with each other - including species.

We have further and rather loosely, created top-level more-or-less discipline oriented labels to which we assign entities, namely 'Biology and Ecology', ' Socio-Economics' and ' GIS and Demography'. Entities are further sub-divided into 'types'; for example a species entity can belong to the type = 'bird'. The overall arrangement of disciplines, entities and types in the EcoPort universe can be viewed here while the virtual sub-universe of information covered in this CA (virtual) database can be viewed as an index here.