It is not unusual and quite useful for traditional, printed publications to display a List of Tables used in the document. This corroborates the common sense notion that Tables are a distinct class and format of information containers.

Secondly, a desirable way of writing hypertext is to 'chunk' information objects so that they can be 'called' and 'displayed' as discrete but coherent memes. As distinct objects, Tables could be displayed in 'windows' on web pages and printed as complete items.

Thirdly, hypertext linking enables construction of interactive tables and the option to include multimedia (pictures, diagrams, maps etc.) that can, at their 'top levels', function as a 'map' providing a navigable, over-view of a 'topic terrain'. In the meantime, you can see a list of all the CA-related tables by clicking on the 'Search Tables' button on an empty search form.

A selection of example Tables containing CA content will be show-cased here as they created by members of this website's user community.