The EcoPort Pictures Database (PDB) is a very comprehensive sub-database within the overall EcoPort universe. A description of all its features and capabilities would require s small booklet in its own right: a volume of information too large for this pop-up note.

The relational database capabilities of the PDB include 31 specifiable search function options - individual search routines, functions and conditions that may be specified and used in billions of possible factorial search combinations. Most of the billions of possible search combinations are too complex to make practical sense, but there are several hundred combinations that are very powerful and highly illustrative of the nature, flexibility and power of the relational database model that is at the foundation of the EcoPort system and service.

Future versions of the information in this pop-up will probably display a 'shoow case list' of actual examples and uses of the PDB in CA.

Do not hesitate to contact us using the e-mail option at the bottom of all CA web pages if you need advice about how to harness our PDB.