Convention & Culture:

To the extent that we embrace the concept of 'winning by sharing' to serve the cause of CA, this combination of reading and writing information in a communal information system creates an opportunity for any one of us to access and use what all of us know about CA.

One condition of sharing in this way is that none of us can sell what we find here unless we first make a profit-sharing agreement with the person whose information we wish to sell. The consequence of this condition is that all of us retain copyright to protect our own information and knowledge against commercial exploitation, a right that then also authorizes us to give it away for educational and non-commercial use - the convention and culture of this website.


Quality Control & Guidance:

If you choose to author or contribute information and resources to build this Public Good, your contributions are traceable and will be associated with your name, displayed under your, or your institution's logo, and viewers/reader will be able to contact you directly by e-mail to comment on your contributions. You will need a password to write and publish your information and you will be the only person who can modify what you write.

Any registered member of this CA community can subscribe to the system's dynamic e-mail notification service to be kept informed of changes to the communal database. Authors are 'watched' by volunteer 'Gatekeepers' who, in turn are coordinated by 'Domain Facilitators' who work closely with the overall Supervisor of the service. The Information Technology dimension of the service falls under the jurisdiction of a Systems Administrator and the team of IT experts working under his supervision.


Using the Website:

Because of this protection of intellectual property rights, its coupling to open access sharing and the quality control , this CA website can also be described as a protected knowledge commons.


To use the website to find information simply select a section topic in the Table of Contents and use the search procedures you will find on the relevant web page. If you want to add information, use the link at the bottom of this page to send an e-mail giving a brief explanation of what you would like to add so that we can advise you further.


If you have questions or suggestions, please also use the 'Contact us' link below to send us an e-mail.


Enjoy the website and kindly consider sharing your knowledge to build this communal resource as a public good to serve the cause of mainstreaming CA practice.



Photo(s) by: R. Binas
Vigna umbellata. The crop has a tremendous capacity to smother weeds and generally will not allow weeds to come up.


Photo(s) by: D. Lange
Cajanus cajan. Pigeon pea as a mulch layer/soil cover in Conservation Agriculture. On this smallholder's farm, pigeon pea is used solely as a green manure cover crop in a soil recovery process. The next crop entering is maize. The picture is taken from San Rafael, Dept. Caazapá, Paraguay.


Photo(s) by: T.F. Shaxson
Comparison of soil porosity influenced by raindrop impact. Tierra Blanca, Costa Rica.