Whereas the sub-universe of CA information and knowledge features many kinds of entities and interactions, this section focuses on the biological species that play central roles in CA.

Although the starting point and focus is on species, the way that EcoPort deals with species records is to cover their 'full ecology' instead of merely profiling the species in terms of taxonomy and organism-level biology. Our focus and emphasis is on food web ecology and the trophic and other relations and interactions that knit species and other entities into webs of life and ecosystems.

We use the www as an 'ecology knowledge processor'; that is to use the www as a swarm of bees might use a beehive, in the sense that we use the www to create ecology n-dimensional matrices that represent real-world food webs isomorphically. This construction of ecology webs on/using the www is what we mean when we talk of EcoPort functioning as an 'ecology knowledge processor'.