The "Tools" in EcoPort can be divided into two classes. The first kind is a set of tools and procedures required to manage your registration, account and profile so that you can then use the much larger, second class of tools in EcoPort; namely those that enable you to add & edit information and to manipulate content in various kinds of knowledge creation procedures. This second class include toolboxes such as those required to make slide shows, create interactive tables etc.


Each of these 'second order' tools and toolboxes are explained in the relevant sub-workshop where you will want go to use them. Therefore, they will neither be listed here nor explained.


The three primary tools available to you here are listed as sub-items below 'Tools' and all three of them, namely, (i) Register as New User; (ii) Update Your Account; and, (iii) Community Profile lead to forms that each have their own Help and Information guides to explain how to use them.


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